Fan Fiction!

Who here is a Gryffindor? Has anybody joined the Resistance? Did you cry after watching Marvel’s ‘End Game’ movie? Do you relate to Homer Simpson on a personal level? Is your family going insane by your revived obsession with Hamilton now that it’s on Disney+? If you’re sitting here nodding your head, you might want to explore the wonderful genre that is fan fiction.

A true fan is not content with abandoning the characters and worlds they love after reading the last page in a series or clicking off the TV screen. Now that school has started again in a hybrid, virtual, or socially distanced setting, and lunchtime conversations no longer include Stranger Things and The Office, you might be looking for an outlet through which you can explore your multimedia passions.

Some of you reading this might be hesitant to embark upon a journey with characters and settings you borrowed from another writer. Maybe your teachers warnings against plagiarism are preventing you from putting pen to paper. These are not valid excuses because the characters you involve in your fan fiction belong to the consumer just as much as they belong to their creator, and people are always pleased to know that their content has had an influence on their audience. So long as you don’t claim you invented Spongebob, you can legally include him in whatever plot your heart desires. Remember that the meat of any story is the conflict you create, and that belongs to you, so feel free to borrow characters you love.

Send us your Fan Fiction short stories! We will not be publishing it separately from our regular short stories because Fan Fiction is real fiction from real fans and we want to include it among our other submissions.

To submit, email what you’ve written to

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