How To Submit

For teens in grades 7-12 submit your submissions to

(Attach a word document, a Google Docs PDF, or copy and paste text into the email)

Include your full name in all submissions.

Please cap your submissions to under 2500 words.


Inspired Ink has a zero tolerance for plagiarism. What you submit must be your own original work.


Inspired Ink reserves the right to publish our edited version of your work, without prior approval. We will try to make you aware of edits when they are made, and if there is a mistake made through publishing your piece on the website, don’t hesitate to make us aware of it.


If you do not want your name published online, we will respect your request but all submissions must have a name attached upon submissions.


Interested in sharing your images with Inspired Ink? We would love to host them on our pages. Send your submissions to

Why Should You Submit?

Submitting means you have taken the initiative to put your work out into the world, have an editor read it and approve it for publication. Sending your writing to magazines like Inspired Ink builds confidence in one’s craft and in oneself, proves that you take writing seriously, and is also great practice for professional emailing. If you do become published, and your name is in the byline, you are officially an author! People will be able to read and appreciate what you created and appreciate you for providing them with great content to enjoy. Not everybody has the talent and prerogative to create, so submit and see what happens- no matter what the outcome is you should be proud of yourself for doing so.