Short Stories

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The Revenge

by Gully Mathew

It was a hot summer day, and my parents and I were going to this store called Grab N Go to buy a lot of things. As we were coming back out of the store, I saw a Ferrari parked in the parking lot. As I passed by it I saw that my cousin, Bob Jr., was in the car with his mom, Bobette. I went up to him and I asked him how he got the Ferrari because last week he had an old Honda CR-V. He said that he had just gone to the Ferrari dealer, asked for the car and got it for lease. I remembered my dad telling me that you could do that. I said “Cool” and we went back home. Going home, my parents talked about the reason why Bob’s mom came to the store- they were going to go on a hiking trip with their friends the following day after and they came to buy food for the trip. I thought about this as we went home. I was really jealous of them going on the hiking trip because Bob and his family went to the same hiking trip with the same friends. Also, because they were not taking my family along with them because our family and his family have some issues. It was mostly his mom making most of the problems though. The year before she got so mad at us that on Easter she came marching into our house, started yelling at us and throwing things around, and when she left she slammed the door so hard that whole thing broke into pieces. That was last year, but I still wanted revenge. After I came back from Grab N Go, I made this plan that tomorrow morning I would wake up at like 5:00 AM, go to their house super quickly, pop their tires, and come back. 

The next morning, I woke up at 5, made my bed, brushed my teeth, ate a small breakfast, took a super fast shower, and got dressed. Then I rode my bike to my cousin’s house and saw that their Ferrari was in the driveway. I took out a multi-tool sort of thing that had a blade in it that I had taken from out of our garage before going there. Then I parked my bike in front of their neighbor’s house and started popping the tires. I popped not one, not two, not three, but all four tires. Then I realized that someone was watching me through the window. Good thing I was wearing a mask and a hoodie. I got up, got on my bike and pedaled away as quickly as I could.

 A few hours later, at around 10 AM, I came back to their house to check on the damage and it looked like I had done a lot. Everyone was crowded around the Ferrari and wondering who in the world could’ve done it. Now, in the town that I live in, there isn’t usually any crime, which is why they were so confused about who could’ve done it. I went over to Bob Jr. and asked him what was going on, as if I didn’t already know. He said that someone had popped the tires on their new Ferrari. He said he even saw a guy in a mask and hoodie popping them. The situation was so serious that their neighbors and almost everyone on their street came over to see what happened. I bet you half of them came to see the Ferrari itself, not the tires. I said to him that what happened is a horrible thing and that I’m very sorry about what happened. I told him I had to go, and as I was getting on my bike to leave, I heard Bob Jr.’s mom talking to the insurance company about the tires and I heard her saying something about the police. Then I thought she was going to call the police. I got really worried and on the way home, I took out my phone and searched on Google if it is a crime to pop someone’s tires. The results said that it was a crime- it was Vandalism. Now, before I had done this, I did not know it was a crime. When I got home I called my friend and told him what I did and what I should do. He said I should just go over there and tell them that I was the one who did it before the cops came because if the cops came then I would probably go to juvie because what I did was a crime. I thought about it and decided that he was right. 

At 12 PM I went back to my cousin’s house to tell them that it was me. Now I didn’t really feel comfortable telling Bob Jr.’s parents that I did it, so I decided to tell Bob Jr. and then he would tell his parents. When I got there, I saw that they hadn’t called the cops yet and I was like, “Thank God”. Then I called Bob Jr. over to a place where his parents couldn’t hear us and confessed. He was really mad at me because I delayed his trip and I ruined the tires. He told me to never do it again and said he’d had a feeling it was me who did it from the beginning. I told him to just go tell his parents already. He did and once his parents found out they came over and talked to me. Bobette was yelling, as usual, and said that this wasn’t funny, and then Bob Sr. told me he was going to tell my parents and that they would make us pay $1,000. So basically, I was going to get into a whole lot of trouble. I got out of there as quickly as I could.

By the time I got home, it was 5 PM. Both my parents were sitting on the couch and giving me the evil eye as I walked in. I sat down and they began lecturing me about all the things that I had done wrong and that I shouldn’t have done it and that I just made them pay $1,000 out of nowhere and that before I came back, they had already paid and my cousin had already left after getting their new tires installed and blah, blah, blah. Honestly, I was half asleep most of the time. I only paid attention when they said what my punishments were. My punishments were that they would take away my bike, not let me go wherever I wanted to, and cancel my Netflix account. I was sad, but also mad at the same time. Now I REALLY wanted revenge. After hearing my parents’ speech, all I said was “Screw this” and ran outside. 

I quickly got on my bike that my parents had not yet taken away and started pedaling away. When I looked back I saw my parents faces looking at me in shock. I yelled to them that I would come back, but I knew they couldn’t hear me. My dad started coming after me in his car, but I a made a few quick turns and hid in an alleyway and lost him. 

    My plan was to somehow catch up to Bob Jr. and his family who were headed for that hiking trip in Upstate New York.  For that, I need a car. I needed a fast car. I took out my phone and went to the GPS and found the nearest Lamborghini Dealership. I set a course for there. Then it started downpouring, and I had no place for shelter. The wind felt like it was blowing at 110 mph. A thunderstorm started, but I just kept pedaling. Finally, at 7 PM, soaking wet, and my bike nearly broken into pieces, I got to the Lamborghini Dealership. It was closed because it was a Sunday but I needed a car at that moment because Bob Jr. was probably a little away from Albany, where they need to pick up their friends that they are going with. I need to bring them back before they picked up their friends. I found this rock on the ground and I threw it at the window as hard as I could. It broke and I got inside. I picked out a nice looking Lamborghini Aventador and found the place where they kept the keys. I found the keys to my Lamborghini and drove out of the store. The cameras didn’t see my face because I had my mask and hoodie on. 

    Ok, look- I don’t have a clue on how to drive. As I was coming out of the dealership, I tried to drive as best I could. It took a few tries, but eventually, I got the hang of it. I drove up the highway for what was only an hour but seemed like forever. After a while I spotted this red Ferrari that looked like Bob Jr.’s…and it was Bob Jr.’s! I could tell because I had memorized their license plate from when they had the old Honda CR-V, and they had kept the same license plate number when they got the Ferrari. I pulled up next to them waved hi. Then they saw me they were shocked and started going faster than me. The chase was on!

    They were going faster than me but I kept following behind. They jumped the highway barrier and went into the lane going the other way, so I jumped over too, though it was a little difficult. Then they got off the highway and went to the service road. They made a turn around a building but I drifted around the corner. I decided to try something different. There was a ramp coming up and Bob Jr.’s family had already passed it. I was still approaching it so I went up the ramp flew over some land and ended up in front of them! I drifted in towards them and came in front of their car, forcing them to stop. My car blocked their way. I then got out of my car and made Bob Sr. and Bobette go to the back of the Ferrari. Then I got into the driver’s seat of the Ferrari and started driving back home.

    It took a lot of work trying to keep them from escaping, but I eventually succeeded. As I was driving back home, they called 911 on me. They told the police our location and while I was driving the police appeared out of nowhere and surrounded us. I just gave up, let Bob Jr.’s family go and the police told me to get in their car.

    So, here I am, in juvie. I’m supposed to be in here for a month. My parents are still looking for me, Bob Jr. and his family and his friends from Albany still went on the trip. Guess my plan didn’t work, did it? I am really stupid sometimes. Anyway, I’ll be here in juvie until next month.


Submitted on August 26th, 2019