A Message of Inspiration

It is our belief that inspiration strikes everywhere- stories spawn from playing on swing sets and poems pop up with your morning toast. Be it a popular dance on Tik Tok, or something more personally powerful, if you can’t stop thinking about something you’ve experienced, write about it and see what happens! Inspired Ink is a place to share and receive credit for expressing what you find meaningful, and in this scary time of seclusion, sharing art through the internet has more power than ever before.

We all thought summer would start and fun things would happen, but the Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to much of what we look forward to, including graduation traditions, summer camp, and sports. The silver lining of social distancing and staying indoors is that school schedules are reduced, giving us more free time than ever thought possible! There’s now time to express ideas and enjoy the process of writing, while we wait for this pandemic-induced weirdness to subside. Inspired Ink understands the disappointment of widespread cancellations, but creativity is something that cannot be canceled, and we can’t wait to see what you create!

If you’ve never engaged in creative writing outside the classroom and are looking to cure coronavirus induced boredom, here are a few random-thoughts ideas to expand upon in a freewriting exercise. Answer these crazy questions and see where they take you! Please consider emailing your creations to inspiredinkpwpl@gmail.com- just because school’s out doesn’t mean teens have no outlet or voice. We also provide peer feedback and editing, and will publish anonymous submissions at the author’s request.

  • If a fire hydrant had thoughts and feelings what would they be? Does it ever hope to be used? Does it wish it was something else, like a lamppost or a street sign or a mailbox? Why do different townships paint their fire hydrants different colors? (This can be applied to any other sort of inanimate object.)
  • What happens to a book or story when the entire world stops reading it? Do you believe this is possible? If it is, would we realize it? Does this idea apply to books written in dead languages, like Latin?
  • Is there such thing as superpowers? What constitutes one? Does the ability to lick one’s own elbow count? What about being the only one in your family able pry open a new jar of pickles? Or is it considered a superpower only if you can do things not previously considered possible, like flight or invisibility?
  • If the Google search bar was a person, what would it think of you or your character? If you wipe your search engine’s memory, does it feel like it has amnesia and ‘remembers remembering,’ or are there no side effects?
  • Imagine the year is 2060, and a generation of children are growing up with complete documentation of the today’s generation of teenagers. There is photographic, videographic, and written evidence of Grandma and Grandpa as infants, kids, teenagers, adults and parents, all saved in digital format. How much of this material is accessible? Do they find our Snapchat selfies and YouTube videos amusing, or are they bewildered and appalled? Do they seek to preserve themselves in the same way?

Submit your stories, poems, and creative essays to inspiredinkpwpl@gmail.com and feel free to comment on this page to share the source of your inspiration!

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