Getting Started

The most common question about writing is ‘what should I write about?’ Don’t let indecision stop your genius! There are plenty of tools available help jump start the writing process and keep you motivated. Look through books like Brave the Page by Rebecca Stern and Grant Faulkner or The Writer’s Primer by Rolland Allnach, and check out our prompt blogs here at Inspired Ink. If you’ve ever read the picture book Library Mouse, you’ll know that the best way to get words on paper is to “write what you know,” because subjects that are meaningful to the author are easily conveyed to the reader.

Some writers like to get their creative juices flowing by looking at random objects in their surroundings, like a trash can or a lamp, and writing out a 100 words about that thing. It’s also fun to put yourself in different first person perspectives or to try out different all the ‘persons’ (1st, 2nd and 3rd). A very helpful activity if you find you have the time for it, is to set an alarm for more than 7 minutes and start writing. Don’t set your pen down or remove your hands from the keyboard until that timer dings!

Since we cannot access the library’s physical resources at this time, online guides like Inspired Ink are a wonderful alternative. Please be aware that while we do pride ourselves on being an accessible, easy-to-use literary resource, Inspired Ink is not the only teen literary magazine, and it’s important to expose yourself to teen writers featured in places like Blue Marble Review, TeenInk, and the Adroit Journal.

Remember that you will not be thrilled with every piece you write but that’s no reason not to try again.

We hope these tips are helpful! Happy writing!

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