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Notre Dame by Jordana Binstock

Last year when I went to Paris I was very lucky to see Notre Dame Cathedral. It was a beautiful historic sight. When I got to see it, my favorite part that stood out was the stained glass windows, I loved the beautiful colors and designs. Notre Dame was one of the most famous places to visit in Paris. Notre Dame was first opened in 1345. It has been around for hundreds of years! Recently, on Monday April 15th while Notre Dame was under construction, Notre Dame caught fire. It caught fire late Sunday night and was not noticed until early on Monday. The second that people noticed the fire, fire trucks rushed to Notre Dame. The fire was very hard to put out because it was so big, it was also very high up. Only the top of Notre Dame was damaged but it will be recovered. Many people think it will not be the same since it will not historic. I don’t agree with that because when Notre Dame was first built it was not historic then. When Notre Dame is rebuilt, one day it will have the same historic value as people see it now. In some ways it will be better because it will be made of new stones that will last longer. I also still wish the old Notre Dame was still standing but once it is rebuilt people would look it and remember the sad event, but will realize that the part that was saved will still be historic, and having a piece of Notre Dame still here is better than none of the Notre Dame. It is also a miracle that not a single person was killed in the fire, and building can be replaced, but a person cannot.

May 23, 2019