Keep A Journal!

The best thing about a journal is that it can be filled with whatever the writer desires, at whatever time is convenient! An account of one’s life is one way to go, but a popular alternative is ‘bullet journaling.’ This is an easy way to list goals, dreams, important events, things that interest you, movies you want to watch- the lists are endless! Sometimes a journal with no particular theme is nice to have as well, a mish-mash of uncompleted stories, lines of prose, and random ideas can keep you inspired throughout the day. Journaling is a writer’s resource, no matter what content the journal contains.

Not everything has to be typed up and polished for publication. Some writing is written for the writer. Journals are safe place to rant and rave without others being made aware about your personal thoughts. Many writers find it important to keep these written topics private. Keep in mind that being overly secretive about a notebook’s content can increase suspicions, so it’s a good idea to be open about one’s writing and let people know if you don’t want them reading over your shoulder. Another pro tip is to write your name somewhere inside, in case your works in progress go missing!

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