Inspiration Strikes Everywhere!

Inspiration can be found everywhere- stories are sometimes spawn from Starbucks counters and poems pop up from paddle-boarding. Be it the most recent Marvel movie, or something more personally powerful, if you can’t stop thinking about something you’ve experienced, write about it and see what happens! Inspired Ink is a great place to share what you find meaningful, and we can’t wait for your submission! You can also comment on this page to share your inspiration for stories and poems.

Teens spend the bulk of their time either in an educational setting, and what precious free time there is can be difficult to devote to writing. To stay inspired, take realistic details from your classrooms and apply them to imaginative settings, add ‘what if’ to mundane lessons, and try to jot down a few words every day- you never know what they’ll turn into. Inspired Ink will be providing school-themed prompts online to promote creativity, and will also be offering creative writing workshops in PWPL’s Teenspace this autumn.

Submit your school-year creations to

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