Inspiration Strikes Everywhere!

Inspiration can be found everywhere- stories are sometimes spawn from Starbucks counters and poems pop up from petting dogs. Be it the most recent Disney movie, or something more personally powerful, if you can’t stop thinking about something you’ve experienced, write about it and see what happens! Inspired Ink is a great place to share what you find meaningful, and we can’t wait for your submission! You can also comment on this page to share your inspiration for stories, poems and artwork.

Winter often gets a bad rap for being cold and dreary, but there’s plenty of interesting things to ponder aside from annoyingly slushy sidewalks and grey skies. From a natural perspective, winter is all about survival- what changes are most noteable in your backyard during the transition from warm to cold? Are there any flowers that stay in bloom? Valentine’s day is approaching- would you give anyone flowers on the 14th? What would they look like if you did?

Inspired Ink challenges you to find inspiration in inclement weather. Whatever interests you- even if only for a moment- write it down. Don’t wait out the winter- write through it!

Submit your winter themed creations to

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