Would you rather…

To turn this preference marathon into a piece of writing, formulate a reasoning behind each thing you would rather. These questions can be helpful when creating complex characters whose opinions and decision making bring life to a story. Whatever you make out of our endless questionnaire, submit it to Inspired Ink for a chance to be published!

Would you rather carve a pumpkin or build your own Halloween costume?

Would you rather be part of a ‘group costume’ with friends or go solo?

Would you rather go to school super early for extra help or stay late after school?

Would you rather be fluent in a language or famous on social media?

Would you rather turn in an essay to an English teacher or submit your creative writing to Inspired Ink?

What you rather your school get rid of exams or homework?

Would you rather get suspended or be kicked off a sports team?

Would you rather fail a class in order to get a year’s supply of free pizza or get an A in the class and have to lead an embarrassing school assembly?

Would you rather take a language class or a science class?

Would you rather receive a higher education or travel the world at your whim?

Would you rather start school all over again from Kindergarten or pay eight thousand dollars?

Would you rather sit through a terribly boring math class or go bungee jumping?

Would you rather go to school all day or take a super hard test for four hours straight?

Would you rather have a substitute teacher who lets the classroom turn into a free-for-all and learn nothing, or one who implements difficult rules and learn a lot?

Would you rather stay up late or go to bed early? Would you rather wake up early or sleep late?

Would you rather go to school at Hogwarts or be whisked away to Narnia?

Would you rather switch schools in the middle of a semester or go to boarding school?

Would you rather work at a summer camp or be a camper?

Would you rather use pen or pencil (or go straight to the keyboard?)

Would you rather play sports or video games for a living?

Would you rather write a story or a poem? (or neither?! we’d love to hear about your genre preferences!)

Would you rather review movies or books?

Would you rather take a painting class or tour an art museum?

Would you rather hike through a mountain range or a dessert?